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    Show and Season Opener...(Everyone might want to read this one in Detail)

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    Show and Season Opener...(Everyone might want to read this one in Detail) Empty Show and Season Opener...(Everyone might want to read this one in Detail)

    Post  Zip Logan on Mon Feb 16, 2015 5:09 pm

    *The camera fades in from black, and it pans around Zip Logan's Throne room. Zip Logan is seen leaning on his desk, with the GWA Galactic Championship around his waist. He looks intently at the camera, and gives a faint smile.*

    Zip: Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen, and welcome to the first Tuesday Night Evolution of Season 35. We have to cover tonight, so make yourselves comfortable, because this will be a long one. First off, at Doomsday III, T-Wolf lost the Inter-Galactic Title to the Queen of the Galaxy and former Eclipse Champion, Rayne. After reviewing his contract in the off-season, and talking to long part former management, I hereby strip T-Wolf of the GWA Eclipse Championship. There is a clause in his contract that prevents T-Wolf from ever winning the Eclipse Title again. And since I cannot take his loss out of the history books, he is stripped of the title, and I will think of suitable punishments for him later this season. Now that leads to my next two announcements, First being that there will be a rematch for the Inter-Galactic Title at Into Infinity III, between Rayne and T-Wolf, but this time it will be an Iron Man Match. Secondly, since the Eclipse title is now vacant, we will have a match at Into Infinity III as well, but I have not decided who will be in the match or what kind of match it will be. I will take a couple of weeks to decide, so we can give something worthy of the fan's attention.

    *Zip stands and moves around to behind the desk. He picks up some papers, and shuffles them around, until his pulls out a single piece. He puts the rest of the pile down.*

    Zip: This is the list of the 6 particpants in the Elimnation Chamber match. Tonight we will decide who gets the #1 and #6 spot. Each member, including myself, will face a tough opponent tonight. Whomever has the best time, and wins their respective match, gets the #6 spot. Whomever has the worst time, and loses their match tonight, will be in the #1 spot. The rest of the spots will be given out throughout the season as I see fit. But be forewarned, this season will be a test for all six men.

    *Zip sets the paper down, then comes around the front of the desk. He stops and smiles hugely.*

    Zip: Now onto the matches for this evening. First, we have Celtic Dragon taking on Executioner of Anarchy! Shawn Vincent will face T-Wolf tonight, and Wolf's punishment this week, is make sure this is a long and grueling match, and then try not to win. Then we have Jack Ammo versus Triggers Jr. Sage will face Sir Smeagol. Carter Bilodeau Jr will face Justin Time, which if Justin wins he will get a spot in the Eclipse title match. And for the main event, I will be facing my old friend, Inferno Blaze.

    *Zip chuckles at that last part, then pulls a Doomsday III program from his inner pocket on his trenchcoat. He unfolds it, and flips open to the two page spread all about the Nova Title match between Carnage and Corrupt.*

    Zip: The Nova Title match at Doomsday III really impressed and suprised a lot of people. No one thought Corrupt would be able to defeat Carnage for the title. So therefore, I have decided that this season there will be a best of 5 series between the two of them for the Nova Championship. Whomever has the most wins at the end of Into Infinity III will truly be the Nova Champion. The series will take place over the next 4 Tuesday Night Evolution's, with the 5th match being at Into Infinity III. Tonight's match will be a First Blood Match. With next week's match being a submission match, week 3's match being a Hardcore match, week 4's being a Last Blood Match, and the match at Into Infinity III being a Casket Match. Sounds like a helluva season, good luck, gentlemen.

    *Zip rips the program in half, then throws it onto the floor. He then turns back to his desk, grabs a seperate pile of paper, and holds it up at the camera. The front page has, in big bold letters, King of the Galaxy Tournament IV.*

    Zip: What I have in my hands here are the rules for the next King of the Galaxy Tournament. It shall start at Into Infinity III, which mean everyone who competes at Into Infinity III will earn points towards the tournament. And we all know what the prize is for winning the Tournament, but for those who have forgetton, it is an open contract to go for any title at any time you want. Mind you, you only get to use it once, so make damn sure that it counts. But you also will be crowned the King or Queen of the Galaxy, a title that only 3 wrestlers have ever held. T-Wolf, Defjam, and the reigning Queen, Rayne. So be prepared, for at Into Infinity III, the true test of everypne's character and ability begins. Now if you will excuse me, I have a match to get ready for.

    *Zip throws the stack of paper down onto his desk, walks towards the main door, opens it, and slams the door shut as the camera fades to the GWA Logo. The words Now, Then, and Forever More appear next to it before bursting into flames.*

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